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Assembler for Dummies



This is Assembly page for beginners, but not only. I'm planning to add Articles and Tutorials not only for beginner, but for advanced coders as well. I'll try to add as much new articles and tutorials as I can, but I don't have much free time. Everyone is free to write an article or tutorial and send me it via e-mail Include your name and attach the article in .txt format if posible.


Assembly is low level programming language. One line of assembly language defines one processor operation. Programs written in assembly are usually faster and smaller than their equivalents written in C/C++, Pascal or other higher level programming language.

The actual date when Assembly was created is unknown. It was before year 1954, when ortran was created. Intels assembly, was made with first Intel processors. Note there's AT&T assembly model. It's very similar to Intels, but Intels instructions go:

Instruction destination, source


Instruction source, destination

and there are some other differences.


Assembler - Symbolic language representing the different instructions in a certain computer's instruction set.


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