Opcode MUL

CPU: i8086+
Type of Instruction: User

Affected FLags: CF, OF, AF, PF, SF, ZF

Instruction: MUL src

Note: Unsigned multiply of the accumulator by the source. If "src" is
a byte value, then AL is used as the other multiplicand and the result
is placed in AX. If "src" is a word value, then AX is multiplied by
"src" and DX:AX receives the result. If "src" is a double word value,
then EAX is multiplied by "src" and EDX:EAX receives the result. The
386+ uses an early out algorythm which makes multiplying any size value
in EAX as fast in the 8 or 16 bit registers.

CLocks (i486):
MUL reg8 13-18
MUL reg16 13-26
MUL reg32 13-42
MUL mem8 13-18
MUL mem16 13-26
MUL mem32 13-42

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