Opcode AND

CPU: Pentium III+ (KNI/MMX2)
Type of instruction: User

Instruction: ADDSS dest,src

dest = dest & src

Bit operation AND applied to all src and dest bits

Physical form:
24 ib AND AL, imm8
25 iw AND AX, imm16
25 id AND EAX, imm32
80 /4 ib AND r/m8, imm8
81 /4 iw AND r/m16, imm16
81 /4 id AND r/m32, imm32
83 /4 ib AND r/m16, imm8
83 /4 ib AND r/m32, imm8
20 /r AND r/m8, r8
21 /r AND r/m16, r16
21 /r AND r/m32, r32
22 /r AND r8, r/m8
23 /r AND r16, r/m16
23 /r AND r32, r/m32

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