Opcode INT

CPU: i8086+
Type of Instruction: User

Instruction: INT num

Description: Initiates a software interrupt by pushing the flags,
clearing the Trap and Interrupt Flags, pushing CS followed
by IP and loading CS: IP with the value found in the interrupt
vector table. Execution then begins at the location adressed
by the new CS:IP.
In RealMode interrupt table is stored at 0:0 in offset::segment
form. In ProtectedMode it's stored in Interrupt Descriptor Table.

Clocks (i486):
INT immed8 26
INT immed8 (PM, same priv. lvl) 44
INT immed8 (PM, higher. priv. lvl) 71
INT immed8 (from VM86) 86
INT immed8 (PM, via Task Gate) 37+TS

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