Opcode ADD

CPU: i8086+
Type of instruction: User

Flags Affected: OF, SF, ZF, AF, CF, PF

Instruction: ADDSS dest,src

dest = dest + src

Physical form:
04 ib ADD AL, imm8
05 iw ADD AX, imm16
05 id ADD EAX, imm32 (i386+)
80 /0 ib ADD r/m8, imm8
81 /0 iw ADD r/m16, imm16
81 /0 id ADD r/m32, imm32 (i386+)
83 /0 ib ADD r/m16, imm8
83 /0 ib ADD r/m32, imm8
00 /r ADD r/m8, r8
01 /r ADD r/m16, r16
01 /r ADD r/m32, r32 (i386+)
02 /r ADD r8, r/m8
03 /r ADD r16, r/m16
03 /r ADD r32, r/m32 (i386+)

add eax, 7 ; adds 7 to eac
add eax, [ebx] ; adds value from memory location referenced by ebx, to eax

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